Investing in closet space will enhance the value of your home and help reduce clutter.

Whatever your goal, we create functional, innovative storage solutions. Our design specialists will work with you to determine the best design to maximize the use of your space.  All of our closet and storage systems are custom built in our shop, giving us a competitive edge in ensuring flexibility and customization.

Our custom, built-in closet systems are constructed using high quality, furniture grade material and are wall hung, meaning they do not require any alteration to flooring, moulding, or baseboards.

Many different components are available in a closet organizer; including shelving, hanging, and drawers. There are various hanging options to accommodate and maximize storage space for all of your wardrobe specifications. There is also a variety of drawer types, sizes and styles to choose from. Our showroom displays a number of our standard closet options and customizable accessories.