Care & Maintenance

All products are warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three years from the date of the substantial completion.  If a product is found to be defective upon inspection by an authorized representative, the defective part will be repaired or replaced without charge.  This warranty obligation is a limited warranty and is for the repair or replacement of the defective component only. It does not cover transportation costs or on-site labour charges, nor any damage product failure due to abuse or misuse.  This warranty does not cover normal incidental deterioration such as nicks, scratches, abrasions, and typical wear, which are resulting from normal use during the standard life of the product.

Our products are built to give you many years of enjoyment.  It is important to always use the best care, insure you get the most out of them.  Please remember that no matter what products you have purchased, heat and moisture are hazards to be aware of.  Always wipe off excess moisture, and be careful with extreme heat sources, such as kettles, toasters, ovens, and base heaters.  Never use abrasive or corrosive products.

Our hardware is designed for a lifetime of trouble-free use. Over a period of time, cabinet doors may become misaligned.  Use the easy adjustment screws on the hinge to adjust a door.  Always be aware that excess pressure from leaning on or hanging onto cabinet doors may compromise the hinge, or tear the hinge plate off the cabinet, so always take care when opening and closing doors.  Our standard drawer slide has a weight capacity rating 100 lbs.  It is also fully adjustable, by using the attachments located on the steel brackets that attach the front to the drawer box.  It is important to never overload drawers, roll-out shelves, and adjustable shelves.  Excess weight from heavy items may cause the drawers, or roll-out shelves to malfunction, and may even cause the drawer slides or shelf supports to fail.

Quartz and Granite surfaces can be cleaned with warm water and a soft cotton cloth.  You may use a mild soap if desired.  Never use abrasives or corrosive cleaning products.  Try to avoid sudden or  rapid temperature changes especially near the edges as well as direct heating of the top.  It may not withstand the direct transfer of heat from pots, pans, and other cooking units.  It’s recommended to use a hot pad or trivet to prevent heating the product.

PVC cabinet doors are easy to clean and maintain.  For regular cleaning,  ordinary soap and water solution is recommended.  For tougher stains, use a mild house hold cleaner.  PVC products are susceptible to melting by extreme heat sources. As a precaution, we recommend that you open doors and pull out drawers beside the range, when running the self-cleaning mode of your oven.  Always pull toasters, kettles, and other heat sources out from underneath the upper cabinet doors when in use.  PVC products have a three year warranty against de-lamination and discolouration.  However de-lamination due to extreme heat is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Wood and MDF cabinet doors require special care and attention.  Water can be extremely hazardous to the lacquer finish.  Clean any finished wood cabinet part with a mild soap and water solution.  Use a slightly dampened cloth to wipe down the finished wood, making sure that no excess water remains.  Always wipe off any excess moisture on finished wood.  Wood products damaged by excess moisture are not covered under warranty.

Laminate surfaces can be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution. Tougher stains can be cleaned with a mild household cleaner.  Never use abrasives or corrosive cleaning products.  It is important to never let moisture remain on or near laminate countertop joints, as separation of the laminate and substrate may occur.  Never leave wet rags or cloths on laminate countertop joints.  Laminate joints that are damaged by moisture are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.




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